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Stéphanie & Jonathan: The Wedding!
Stéphanie & Jonathan: The Wedding!
25 Sept 2021, 14:00
Chemin du Moulin Al Poudre 2, 1435 Mont-Saint-Guibert, Belgium
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Our story

It took us 10 years of friendship before taking the plunge... From friends sharing a drink, a meal or a dance in Ixelles, to ski and mountain enthusiasts, to a couple wanting to share a life full of little moments of happiness together! We are so lucky to have found each other, and absolutely thrilled that you are joining us to celebrate our love and our future together. :-)

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Practical details

Everything you need to get organized

Wooden Bed

What will happen

Where to stay

How to get to get around

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Our wedding list

Kadolog: Stéphanie van Eetvelde and Jonathan Feldbrugge

The best gift is above all your presence on this day, but a gift that will serve to build our future together with us will also be greatly appreciated. If you want to give us a gift, you will find some preselected products in the list in our name on kadolog. You will find the link below. We greatly appreciate your generosity and look forward to seeing you to celebrate our love.

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