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Married Couple Photoshoot

Day Schedule

What will happen

Wondering what the day will be like? Find a full program here!

As per the majority of Belgian weddings each guest receives an invitation for one or several parts of the day.

Saturday September 25

Religious celebration

2:00 PM

Our wedding will be celebrated by Abbé Eugène Munsaka in the Saint Jean-Baptiste Church of Mont-Saint-Guibert.

Cocktail Reception

4:30 PM

The cocktail reception will take place at Domaine Al Poudre. 


6.30 PM

A dinner will be organized at Domaine Al Poudre. 


Let's end this beautiful day together in style at Domaine al Poudre. 

10 PM

Sunday September 26

International Brunch

11.30 AM

For those travelling from far, lets get together once more for a brunch before you go back home. Rue d'Alvau 21, 1435 Mont-Saint-Guibert

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